• M.S. LPC. Mastery Certified Coach,

    Speaker. Author.

    Creator- The 48 HRTM Breakthrough,



    Lora Newman

  • CEO at Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, llc

    Lora Newman, M.S., LPC, is an author, speaker and has been a business coach for more than 19 years. She specializes in the Psychology of Money and Business. Horses are an integral part of her work. Lora owns HorseBusinessWhisperer.com / .org, dedicated to helping Equine Assisted Professionals create Passion, Purpose and Horse-Powered Profits in their heart-centered businesses. She is also the Founder/CEO of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, which focuses on business leader development. Lora is the creator of the 48 HR Breakthrough™ 2-day intensive for business leaders. For more than a decade, business professionals from around the globe have been attending The 48™, where they learn how to replace obstacles and problems with creative, strategic thinking so they increase revenue, lead teams with ease, and enjoy more freedom.

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    Wine, Money & Chocolate

    How You Do Money Is How You Do Everything...Even Wine and Chocolate

    The most unique business event you will ever attended. Wine, Money & Chocolate is designed to kickstart your business growth and help you gain insight into how your personality influences your relationship to money – and yes, wine and chocolate!

    Horses, Money & Chocolate

    How You Do Money Is How You Do Everything...Even Horses and Chocolate!

    A fun and enlightening presentation designed to kick-start your business growth and help you discover how you relate to your clients, your business and your MONEY. Why? Because how you do money is how you do EVERYTHING. Even horses and chocolate!


    So much of the work you do with horses is guided by your own personal intuition – that hidden quality that makes you so gifted at helping others. What if I told you there is a pattern to that intrinsic “thing you do” and it shows up in every aspect of your personal and business life!?

    Bust Overwhelm...And Give Yourself A Raise!

    Go From Zero2Sixty In Productivity and Profitability

    This presentation offers insights into why we get overwhelmed and stopped in business. This stifles leadership and ultimately lack luster results.

    Participants get the formula to bust overwhelm and make empowered decisions for increased revenue and freedom in life and business

    Crack Your Money Code!

    For Increased Productivity and Profitability

    This interactive presentation brings participants to:

    • Increase awareness around blind spots in money dynamics
    • Identify time and money leaks and get action steps to increase revenue and productivity
    • Tips and skills for empowering money conversations


    "Soleful" Marketing For Equine Assisted Professionals

    Bring Passion, Purpose, and Horse Powered Profits To Your Equine Assisted Business

    Being in business for yourself takes courage, adding horses to the mix brings a whole new set of challenges.

    Making the shift into new markets and higher income requires clarity, consistency, and confidence.

    This presentation addresses:

    • Your niche - get one
    • Processes and Systems To Stream Line Your Work
    • Pricing and Packaging - get out of trading time for dollars
    • Profitable Networking
    • Building A Six-Figure Business And Beyond
    • Taking Horses Into The Business Sector 
    This presentation addresses these challenges so that Equine Assisted Professionals gain tips and insights to get greater results in their marketing and money conversations.
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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    Here is a link to view a video presentation produced to play in place of a keynote at a BNI Conference in Springfield, MO in Fall of 2017. Click here to view
    At a recent event I presented at in Nixa, Missouri - we discussed leadership. The most common concept of leadership is in regard to leading other people to a particular destination or goal. This audience found a shift in considering leadership in time, money, and energy. Leadership is about...
    We are home from New Orleans - what a great event! I spent 3 hours training Estate Planning Attorneys to empower their money decisions and money conversations. Holding money conversations can be highly uncomfortable and that uncomfortable-ness can lead to money leaks because you aren't stepping...
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    I have almost twenty years of experience helping leaders from all business sectors break through the boundaries holding them back in life and in business. My passion is the psychology of money, particularly how it plays out in business.

    Learn more at www.Zero2SixtyCoach.com

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    Education and Background

    M.S. Counseling, SMSU (Now MSU)

    B.S., Psychology Drury University

    Graduate Coach U - Coaching School

    A.S., Veterinary Technology

    Certified / Corporate Eagala Professional

    Mastery Certified Coach - IAWBC



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    Community Involvement

    We believe in giving to those who are in need

    Lora holds periodic events to benefit those in need - two legged and four leggeds.

    The Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks offers support to women and their families during the difficult time of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Lora and her team support this cause.


    Horse Rescues along with operations supporting veterans and their families also have a soft spot in the heart of Zero2Sixty. Coffee With Coach Lora is an event offering business development classes while sending proceeds to Equine Assisted Programs aimed at bringing healing to Veterans and their families.

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    Kate Turner, CMP

    Director Of Meetings

    Thank you so much for taking part in the 2019 IAFE Management Conference in Costa Mesa. Those who attended left with many ideas and tools to aide them in their effort to continually improve their events. We accomplished that, in part, because of your role as Presenter (with Dr. Valerie Coleman) for the workshop, "Wine, Money, and Chocoloate" held on Saturday, May 4th.

    We genuinely appreciated having you at the Conference, sharing your thoughts and expertise with our members.

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