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Leadership Is About Causing Movement...Recent Event In Missouri

How You Do Money Is How You Do Everything...Even Time

At a recent event I presented at in Nixa, Missouri - we discussed leadership. The most common concept of leadership is in regard to leading other people to a particular destination or goal. This audience found a shift in considering leadership in time, money, and energy.

Leadership is about causing movement in the people, money, time, energy, and other dynamics into the direction that you want them to go. How you communicate with the people and into the other dynamics determines the movement - so it is imperative that you are cognizant of your own inner workings because that is causing movement all the time. That movement is either going in the direction you want it to go or it isn't.

80% or greater of communication is non-verbal. WOW - talk about powerful. So, it stands to reason that our own subconscious beliefs and attitudes about money and time impact outward results.

The exercises experienced during this presentation were eye opening in moving the needle on revenue and time management.

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